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2012 – 16        PhD in Art, Goldsmiths, University of London
2009 – 11        PhD course work, Concordia University, Humanities (transferred)
2007              MFA, Simon Fraser University, Interdisciplinary Studies
2005              Independent Studio Program, Toronto School of Art
2002              BFA Honours with distinction, York University, Visual Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2016         “Weathervane,” Studio A, Goldsmiths
2010         “Night Shift,” Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg
2008         “The Patron Saint of Waterskiers and Other Entities,” Richmond Art Gallery
2007         “for the shy,” Alexander Centre, Vancouver
2005         “Readviewing,” AWOL Gallery, Toronto
                  “Temporary Surface,” Gallery 54, Toronto School of Art, Toronto
2002         “Hodecce,” Eleanor Winters Gallery, York University, Toronto

Two-Person Exhibitions
2011         “Sensible Obsessions,” Truck Contemporary, Calgary
                “Consumed,” Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon

Selected Group Exhibitions, Screenings and Performances
2018           “small things considered: ceteris paribus,”Leu Gallery, Belmont University, Nashville TN
“Fundraiser Exhibition,” Arts University Bournemouth
“Zine||O||Morph,” ASC project space, Bow, London
2017            “Infinite Diegesis” (Andrew Sunderland), Gossamer Fog, London
“Plymouth Contemporary,” Karst, Plymouth
“EVTV: The Divebar on the Edge of the Wormhole,” Hive, London
“Fundraiser Exhibition,” Arts University Bournemouth
“EVTV Series 1 Episode 6: The Harbinger,” Karst, Plymouth
2016            “EVA 13: Experimental Video Art: Thai-European Friendship” (travelling exhibition), Faculty of Humanities and
Social Science, Dhonburi Rajabhat University; Painting Department, College of Fine Arts, Ladkabang,
Bangkok; Media Arts and Design Institute, Chiang-Mai University; School of Fine and Applied Arts
Faculty, Bangkok University; Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Burapha University; Painting, Sculpture
and Graphic Arts Faculty, Silpakorn University; Fine Arts Department, Architecture Faculty, King
Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Lakabang, Thailand (with School of the Event Horizon)
“Tenderflix 2016: Better Living,” The Horse Hospital, London (with School of the Event Horizon), selected by Josephine Curtis, Etan Ilfield and Lawrence Lek
       “You must answer in the form of a question!” Art Licks Weekend, ASC Gallery, London
                “Say What?” ASC Gallery, London
                “Exquisite Vogon TV,” Limbo Limbo, London
2015         “Films from People,” PLACE/Ladywell, London
                 “Inside the Group,” Expedition Medora – We Feel, Maximilians Forum, Munich (with School of the Event Horizon)
                 “Secret Artbox Postcard Sale,” Fold Gallery, London
                 “E.R.O.S. Launch,” Tenderbooks, London (with School of the Event Horizon)
                  Art 15, London (with School of the Event Horizon)
                 “Sound/Place,” St. James Hatcham, London
2014         “Liminal Space” (with School of the Event Horizon), Temporary Arts Projects, Southend-on-Sea
                 “before breakfast we talked about the furthest visible point before it all disappeared”
                 (with School of the Event Horizon), Tenderpixel, London
                 “Brockley Artists Village” Studio Launch (with School of the Event Horizon), London
                 “From Me Flows What You Call Time”, NAB, Goldsmiths, London
                 “True Stories from the Event Horizon”, ASC Gallery, London
                 “Cross Sections”, York University/Ryerson University, Toronto
2013         “QGJCPLB”, X Marks the Bökship, London
                 “Feed Back,” Enclave, London
2012         “Up the Trees,” Van Horbourg, Zurich
                 “Dawdle,” curated by Gareth Bell-Jones, Space, London
                 “La Grande Ourse,” Luna Park Project, Espaces R2D2, Brussels
2011          “Caviar,” Studio Béluga, Montreal
                 “The Cambridge Conflab,” New Hall and Corpus Christi Playroom, presented
                 by the Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK
2010        “Open Weekend,” Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, UK
2009        “Solid Gold,” Mercer Union, Toronto
                 “Open Studios,” Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
                 “Signal + Noise Festival”, VIVO, Vancouver
2008        “Whodunnit?,” OCAD University, Toronto
                 “Toronto Urban Film Festival,” Toronto
                 “Drawing Expo 2008,” Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver
                 “Monstrous Beauty: A Co-Creative Cabaret,” Sistahood Celebration, Wisehall, Vancouver
                 (collaboration with Julie Saragosa)
2007        “Mirror Mirror: Little Landscapes and Miniature Worlds,” Richmond Art Gallery
                 “Articulations: Conex-Us,” Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon
2006        “Cigarette Girl,” AKA Gallery, Saskatoon
                 “Muted,” Video In, Vancouver
                 “Mini Rock Collection,” Alexander Centre, Vancouver
2005       “REM Cabaret: Mapping the Dreamscape,” Live Biennale of Performance Art, Access Artist Run Centre,
                 “Re:Imagine,” Eastern Front Gallery, Toronto     
                 “Square Foot,” AWOL Gallery, Toronto
                 “Anniversary Show,” ACA Gallery, Toronto
                 “Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition,” Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto        
2004        “Open House,” Toronto School of Art, Toronto
                 “Little Art Show,” BMW Building, Toronto
                 “Queen West Art Crawl,” Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto
                 “Greenpeace Benefit,” Sacred Voice Gallery, Toronto
                 “Junction Arts Festival,” The Treasury, Toronto
                 “Emerging Forms,” ACA Gallery, Toronto
                 “Square Foot,” AWOL Gallery, Toronto
                 “Summer Heat,” Praxis Gallery, Toronto
                 “Wet Paint,” Hang Man Gallery, Toronto
                 “Biannual Juried Exhibition,” Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby
                 “Networks,” Happenings Gallery, Toronto
                 “Bliss Gallery Re-Opening,” Bliss Gallery, Toronto
                 “Landscape: the Lasting Inspiration,” Praxis Gallery, Toronto
                 “Toronto Art Expo,” Metro Convention Centre, Toronto
2003        “About Love,” Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto
                 “Summer Heat,” Praxis Gallery, Toronto
                 “Landscape: the Lasting Inspiration,” Praxis Gallery, Toronto
                 “Bliss Gallery Opening,” Bliss Gallery, Toronto
2002        “A Show of Faith,” Circa Gallery, Toronto
                 “4Scapes,” Circa Gallery, Toronto

Publications: Essays
2019          (forthcoming) “Cloud Relationality,” catalogue essay for Cloud, Donna Szoke, Rodman Hall Gallery, Brock
University, Ontario, Canad
(forthcoming) “Character Capital: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialization of Behaviour,” Mouvements 2018          (forthcoming) “Surveillance Capitalist Aesthetics,” AMP, edited by Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans
“Inflation,” catalogue essay for Adrienne Spier, Hamilton Artists, Inc., Ontario, Canada
“The Common Sense: Q & A,” exhibition text for “The Two-Way Patch,” Edinburgh College of Art
“The Sketch in the work of Frances Stark, Jacolby Satterwhite and Sue Tompkins,” Esse 93
“Moods of Identification,” Furtherfield Spring Editorial, https://www.furtherfield.org/moods-of-identification/
2017          “Theatre of Information,” catalogue essay in Here the Sun Does Not Enter, Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini,
Assembly Point, London
“The Infinite Mix, Hayward Offsite,” Esse 89
2016         “All Data is Credit Data: Reputation, Regulation and Character in the Entrepreneurial Imaginary,
                 Paragrana (de Gruyter)
        “Shared Stakes, Distributed Investment: Socially Engaged Art and the Financialization of Social
                 Impact,” Finance and Society (peer reviewed)
                “Ghosted Clients, Oriented Strands: Composites and Class in Ian Gonczarow’s Painting,”
                 catalogue essay for Ian Gonczarow, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, Bond House Gallrery, London
2015         “Technologies of Attribution: Characterizing Citizen-Consumers in Surveillance Performance,”
                 International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, special issue on Surveillance Technologies in
                 Performance (peer reviewed)
                 “The Background Speaks: David Mabb’s Announcer and the “Emergence of Information,” Message 2 (peer
                 “Speculative Labour: on the Work of Charlotte Warne Thomas,” catalogue essay for Limitaction,
                 Charlotte Warne Thomas, Window Space Gallery, London Metropolitan University
                 “Transfusing Abstraction: Darren Harvey-Regan’s Metalepsis”, Esse 83.
                 “Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Carroll/Fletcher”, Esse 83.
2014         “Perte de Signal at the Kinetica Art Fair”, Esse webzine, http://esse.ca/en/perte-de-signal.
                 “Species of Futurity in Business, Law and Finance”, catalogue essay for Who Thinks The Future?, curated by
                 Tom Trevatt. Lewisham Arthouse, London
2013         “(Im)material Pedagogies”, catalogue essay for P.A.R.T.S., Rowena Harris, Coleman Projects, London
2012         “Choice Blog: Tamarin Norwood,” A-N Artists Talking, http://www.a-n.co.uk/artists_talking/article/2427555
                 “Electricity Enslaved: Tonal Imagery of Progress, Incorporation, Extinction,” Catalogue essay for                  
                 “Necrospective” (traveling exhibition), curated by Thomas Johnson: Danielle Arnaud Contemporary, London;
                 GrandUnion, Birmingham; Catalyst Arts, Belfast. 
                 “Object Lessons: David Askevold’s Learning about Cars and Chocolates,” Esse no. 75. 
                 “Narrative Interrupted: Painting Between Progression and Duration,” MFA catalogue essay, Concordia
                 “Un-designing: Serge Murphy, Architecture and Felt Time,” Esse no. 74.
                 “Factory-esque: Temporalities of Critique in Michael Landy’s Breakdown” (book chapter), in
                 Revisiting Ephemera, ed. Ahlia Moussa and Simon Bentley (McIntosh Gallery Curatorial Study Centre/Blue
                 Medium Press). 
2011          “Pavillon Levé (dix jours à vaincre les mortes-eaux),” C Magazine no. 112. 
                 “Patterning Particularity: Adrienne Spier’s Furniture Sculptures,” Esse no. 73. 
2010         “Still Life with Easter Everywhere,” Esse no. 69.
2009        “Autopoesis,” exhibition essay for Ice Sphinx, Katherine Pickering, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC
2007        “Chewing Chewing Chewing Social Space,” Simon Fraser University (MFA Thesis – 118 pages).  

Publications: Art Writing
2016        “Office-Surface-Tension,” Tensegrity Symposium, Tenderpixel, London
                “Pixelated City (an imagined film made from lost stills/theories of the image), Ahali: A Journal for Setting a

2015        “The Fog Generator,” exhibition text for “In Fog: Icebergs and Wild Boars,” Burcu Yagcioglu and Ulgen
                 Semerci, Operation Room, Istanbul
                 “Akrasia,” E.R.O.S. Journal, Issue VI (with School of the Event Horizon)
2014         Points of Divergence One: Before Breakfast Conversations, exhibition text, edited and designed by Rowena
                 Harris (with School of the Event Horizon)
                 “States of Statue”, exhibition text for Joshua Bilton, in “Hello World!”, curated by Catherine Turner and Zoe
                 Marden, L’Atelier KSR, Berlin
2013        “All Things Now Measured in Loveliness”, Misery Connoisseur 2
                 “Notes toward a First-Person Still-Life”, Misery Connoisseur 2
                 (upcoming) “Eighteen Ways to Make a Cut (or, a speculation on geophilosophy), The Arrow Maker no. 1
                 (publication delayed)
2012        “Photograph with Eight Descriptions,” catalogue text for “It’s Moving from I to It,” curated by Formcontent,        
                 Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania
                 “Imaginary Sculptures for an Infinite Economy,” Westworld exhibition publication, Xero, Kline and Coma,
2007        Marina Roy and Abbas Akhavan, eds, Helen’s Cookbook, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver  
2006        “A Drained Apple,” Iamb no. 3 (Spring). 
2004        “Forgotten Pearls on the Body of the Fable,” Good Girl Magazine no. 6. 

2017- Lecturer in Visual Cultures, Joint Programme Leader, BA Fine Art and History of Art, Goldsmiths (full time
permanent, teaching and research)
2016-17     Lecturer in Fine Art Theory, Arts University Bournemouth
                 (full time permanent, teaching and research)
2015-16    Lecturer in Fine Art, University of Kent (0.6 FTE)
2014         Associate Lecturer in Fine Art, University of Kent
                 FA 311: Methods and Materials
                 (module designer and convenor)
                 FA 310: Creative and Critical Practice II
                 Teaching Assistant, Goldsmiths
                 MFA Art Writing Collaborative Seminars and Workshops
                 BA Fine Art Critical Studies
2013        Teaching Assistant, Goldsmiths
                 BA Fine Art Critical Studies
                 BA Fine Art Honours Extension Programme
2012        Teaching Assistant, Goldsmiths
                 MFA Art Lecture Series
                 BA Fine Art Critical Studies
2008        Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University
                 FPA 168: Visual Arts and Culture II
                 Tutor, Emily Carr University
                 AHIS 333: Theory is My Co-Pilot
2007        Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University
                 FPA 111: Issues in Fine and Performing Arts
                 Tutor, Emily Carr University
                 AHIS 333: Getting Affected: the Politics of Emotion
                 AHIS 333: Eat Me, Drink Me!: The Art and Politics of Food
2005-09Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University
                 FPA 461: Visual Art Studio VI
                 FPA 111: Issues in Fine and Performing Arts
                 FPA 210: Artworks, Theories, Contexts

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2015)
Founding Member, School of the Event Horizon art collective
(with Kate Pickering and Steven Levon Ounanian, 2014)

Professional Development
2013-15     PG Certificate in the Management of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
2006-07   Certificate Course in University Teaching and Learning, Simon Fraser University    
2006        Instructional Skills Workshop, Simon Fraser University

2012-14     Commonwealth Scholarship, CSC United Kingdom
2009-12    Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral
                  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
2009         Special Entrance Award, Concordia University
2006-07   Canada Graduate Scholarship
                  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
2005-06   Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University
1998-02    President’s Scholarship, York University, Toronto
1998          Kitchener Sports Association Scholarship, Kitchener

Grants and Awards
2018        Enhancing Student Experience Fund Award, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths
2017        Teaching Development Fund Award, Arts University Bournemouth
2015        Research Support Award, Department of Art, Goldsmiths
                Conference Support Award, The Graduate School Fund, Goldsmiths
                Conference Support Award, The Graduate School Fund, Goldsmiths
2014        Research Support Award, Department of Art, Goldsmiths
2012        Research Support Award (group), The Graduate School Fund, Goldsmiths
2010        Travel Grant – Visual Arts, Canada Council for the Arts
2009       Level 1 Project Assistance, BC Arts Council, Canada
2008       Travel Grant to Inter-Arts Professionals, Canada Council for the Arts
                 Best in Category – Urban Natural, Toronto Urban Film Festival
                 D. Ronald Franklin Scholarship, The Banff Centre
2006        Graduate Service Award in Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University
2004        Honourable Mention, Praxis Gallery, Toronto

2014        “Liminal Space”, Temporary Art Projects, Southend-on-Sea (with School of the Event Horizon)
                “Trialogues”, Peer Sessions, ASC Gallery, London
2011         “Something in the Water; a Search for the Turn of the Backwash,” Banff Centre for the Arts
2010        “International Camp for Improbable Thinking,” Wysing Arts Centre, UK
2009       “Tallest Poppy Residency,” Winnipeg
                 “Summer School,” Plug-In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg
2008        “Figure in a Mountain Landscape,” Banff Centre for the Arts

Lectures, Conference Papers and Presentations
2019         (upcoming) “Addressivity in Online Platforms,” Critical Encounters Fine Art Lecture Series, University of Lincoln
2018         (upcoming) “Reputation and Surveillance Capitalist Aesthetics,” Intersections of Finance and Society,
University of Edinburgh
(upcoming) “The Investment-Image of Contemporary Art,” The Photographers Gallery, London
(upcoming) “Testing,” guest lecture for the PG Certificate Course in the Management of Teaching and Learning
in Higher Education, Goldsmiths
“Second Selves: Auto/Biography, Figuration and the Financial Subject,” Tenth Critical Finance Studies
University of Gothenburg
“Choreopolitics in the Age of Big Data,” The Place, London
“Surveillance Capitalist Aesthetics,” AMP Symposium, Royal College of Art, in partnership with Pump House
Gallery, London
“John Chilver in conversation with Emily Rosamond,” Xero, Kline & Coma, London
“Distortions,” Conspiracy of the Real, Tenderpixel, London
“Volatile Measurement Environments,” New Narratives 2: Thinking Economics Differently, Kunstgebäude,
“Profiling in Predictive Cultures,” Fine Art Lecture Series, Oxford Brookes University
“Character, Creditworthiness and Neoliberal Subjects,” Pattern Recognition, MA Information and Experience
Design, Royal College of Art, London
“It Sees,” MoneyLab #4, Somerset House, London
2017          “Financial Vision and the Disinterested Gaze of Power,” Intersections of Finance and Society, City, University
of London
“Removing the Cap: Institutional Affectivity and the Financialization of British Art Education,” Ninth Critical
Finance Studies Conference
, University of Leicester
“Claiming the Impersonal: Surveillance Capitalism, Financial Vision and the Disinterested Gaze of Power,”
9th Beyond Humanism Conference, John Cabot University, Rome
“Reputation Management, Surveillance Capitalism and the Politics of Nudging,” London Critical, London
Southbank University
“The Future-Oracular: Prediction, Divination and the Politics of Certainty,” AUB Research Conference, Arts
University Bournemouth
“Identity Trouble (On the Blockchain),” DAOWO Blockchain Laboratory and Debate Series, Goethe Institute,
Discussant, “The Church of Expanded Telepathy” screening, Post-Cyberfeminist International, ICA, London
Are We All Addicts Now? Symposium and book launch, Central St. Martins, London
“Reputation Capital/Reputation Warfare: Two Versions of the Optimal,” All Things Optimal, Centre for
Interdisciplinary Methodologies, University of Warwick
“New Fluidities: Borders in the Age of Continuous Transformation,” Uncertain Identities, Haus Für Kunst Uri,
Altdorf, Switzerland
Panel Presenter on Collaborative Practices, Peer Sessions, London
“Platform Indeterminism,” Corporated Culture: Art and the Quasi-Commons, ICA, London
“Social Impact: Artists Working with Business in the Big Society,” Robbie Howells, MFA exhibition installation,
Laurie Grove Baths, Goldsmiths Degree Show
“Social Impact Bonds and Socially Engaged Art,” Beyond Price & Profit: Art, Finance & the Question of
The New Centre for Research and Practice (organized by Victoria Ivanova)
“The Impact of Reputation Metrics on Contemporary Art Practices,” Bibliometrics, University of Westminster
“Reputation Power,” MFA Art and Curating Monday Night Art Lecture Series, Goldsmiths
“On Transmission: Art, Information and the Digital,” guest lecture and seminar for BA Fine Art Extension
Critical Studies, Goldsmiths
Finance and Society 2(2) London Launch, Goldsmiths
Finance and Society 2(2) Launch, P! Gallery, New York
2016        Guest Speaker, Financial Surveillance panel, Moneylab#3,
                Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam
                “Politics of Prediction,” guest lecture for Goldsmiths BAFA Critical Studies
                “Financialization and the Investee,” Fictitious Capital, no.w.here, London
                Guest Speaker, “Portals and Escapism” workshop, Katriona Beales, Peer, London
                “First Person Finance,” Abstract Cities, Tenderpixel, London
                “What is Reputation Capital? Character, Power and the Reputation Economy,” Capital as
                Power: Broadening the Vista conference, York University, Toronto
                “Socially Engaged Art and the Financialization of Social Impact,” Eighth Critical Finance Studies Conference,
                University of Southampton
               “Character, Creditworthiness and Reputation: on Representational Logics of Control in the Surveillance  
                Economy,” Control, SLSAeu Conference, Stockholm University
               “What Moves Us: Immersive Economies and Composite Bodies,” Banner Repeater, London
               Respondent to Erica Scourti, “Personal Protocols,” Selfing, Central St. Martins, London
               “Algorithmic Witnesses, Beyond Humanism: Posthuman Studies and Technologies of Control, Compultense
               University of Madrid, Spain
               “Risky Behaviour: Social Impact Bonds and the Financialization of Rehabilitation,” Risking Everything,
               “Manufacturing the Neoliberal Subject,” Banner Repeater, London
               “Algorithmic Witnesses,” guest lecture for MFA Monday Night Guest Lecture Series, Goldsmiths
               “Dating Big Data: OK Cupid’s OK Trends,” Love’s Archive, Arts University Bournemouth
2015       “Hot Talks: Donna Szoke with Emily Rosamond,” Brock University, Canada  
               “art + argument debate,” Corner College, Zurich
               “Futurity as a Lived Fiction,” Fiction as Method in Contemporary Art and Literature, Corner College/Christinger
                de Mayo, Zurich  
                “Economies of (Mis)Trust: Reputation as Capital in the Digital Age,” Seventh Critical Finance Studies
                Conference, Copenhagen Business School
                “Phantom Limbs and the Image-Object: Toward a Feminist Materialist Account of the Points of Contact
                 Between Tangible and Digital Space,” Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual
                 Culture conference, University of Greenwich, London
                “Character in the Age of Big Data,” Commonwealth Scholars Regional Network Conference,
                University of Nottingham
                Respondent, “Open Forum,” Staying with the Trouble, The White Building, London
                “Surveillance, Preemption and the Production of Character in the Age of Big Data,” Fourth Annual London
                Conference in Critical Thought, University College London
                “Art and Character in the Age of Fintech,” F(r)ictions of Art Conference, Frei Universität, Berlin
                “Politics of the Shared-Interior: on Digital Intimacy and Tangible Space,” Intimacies Symposium, Goldsmiths
                “Character in the Age of Big Data,” Goodenough College, London
                “Geometries of the Share: Emotion and the Invested Subject,” Investee Activism Workshop, Goldsmiths
                “All Data is Credit Data,” The Graduate Festival, Goldsmiths
                “The Umwelt and the Operational Image,” Nematode, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire
                “Paradoxes of Proximity to Second Wave Essentialism,” Feminist Duration in Art and Curating, Goldsmiths
                “Weathervane,” Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths
2014        “‘All Data is Credit Data’: Reputation, Regulation and Character in the Entrepreneurial Imaginary”, Centre for
                Research Architecture, Goldsmiths
                “Species of Futurity in Analytic Datascapes”, The Art of Speculation Joint Symposium, Freie Universität, Berlin
                “To Think Through Terror: Response to Susan Schuppli and Maria Puig de la Bellacasa”, Unit of Play Lecture
                Series, Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths
                “Futures of the Future: Agriculture Between Business and Culture”, Vertical Farming and the Future of Food,
                conference, Foundation for Art and Technology, Liverpool Biennial
                “Metacognition in Research and Writing Education”, guest lecture, PG Certificate Course in the Management of                 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Goldsmiths, University of London
                “Economic Figuration”, 6th Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Amsterdam
                “Character and Counterfactual Time”, Future Temporalities PhD Symposium, Goldsmiths, University of London
2011         “Luxurious Renunciations: Wealth, Destruction and Critical Duration in Michael Landy’s Breakdown,” in
                Luxuries of the Literary Mind, McGill University (conference paper)
                “Impersonating Ideology: The “Factory-Esque” and Temporalities of Critique in Recent Installation,” in
                Revisiting Ephemera, University of Western Ontario (conference paper)
2010        “Vanitas: Food Art, the Body, and Life in Transition,” Concordia University (guest lecture)
                “Spatializing Character: On the Work of Geoffrey Farmer,” in A Measure of Place: Space in Text and Context,
                McGill University (conference paper)
2009       “Space-Times of Research-Creation,” presentation for “Art as Research” panel, Concordia University
                “The Art of Relation: Toward an Ecological Definition of Agency,” in New Radical Subjectivities:
                Rethinking Agency for the 21stCentury, University of Nottingham (conference paper)
2007        “Praxis,” Emily Carr Institute (guest artist presentation)
                “Installation and the Problem of Incorporation,” Simon Fraser University (guest lecture)
                “Architecture of Caring,” in “Wired for Passion,” MFA Student Colloquium, Simon Fraser University
                (conference paper)
2006        “The Cityscape Inside the Classroom,” in Articulations, University of Minnesota
                (conference paper and installation)

Artist Talks
2015         State University of New York, New Paltz London Visual Art Course
2013         State University of New York, New Paltz London Visual Art Course
2011          MFA Painting seminar, Concordia University
2010         the SenseLab, MontrealAceArt Inc., Winnipeg
                 Visual Arts Department, Concordia University
                 Humanities department, Concordia University
2009        Plug In ICA Summer School, Winnipeg
2008        Artist talk and performance, Richmond Art Gallery
                 Arts for Life Conference, Richmond
2004        “Artists’ Night Out,” Toronto School of Art, Toronto

Bibliography: Catalogues
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Related Experience
2015         Visiting Tutor and Module Convenor, SEASAFE Artists’ Group, London
                 Ready for Work Interview Panel, Midkent College, Gillingham
                 Interview Panel, BA Admissions, University of Kent
                 Transcriber, Michel Feher Lecture Series, Goldsmiths
                 Organizer, SUNY New Paltz London Artist Studio Visits Series
2014         Focus Group Participant, BBC Radio 3, Radio 4 and World Service Outreach for Commonwealth Scholars
                 Panel Chair, 6th Critical Finance Studies Conference, University of Amsterdam
2013         Facilitator, MFA Writing Workshop, Goldsmiths
                 Studio Visitor, Residency Program, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria
                 Organizer, SUNY New Paltz London Artist Studio Visits Series
2012-14    Performer, Alexis Milne’s “Cult of Rammellzee” Performance Troupe
2012-15    Presenter and regular contributor, Peer Sessions group critiques, London
2012         Freelance Editor (curating)
2011          Studio Visitor, MFA Painting, Concordia University
                 Organizer, Sharon Kahanoff film screening, Concordia University, Montreal
                 Studio Visitor, Studio Béluga Residency Program, Montreal
2010         Selection Committee, Escalator Artist Retreat, Royal College of Art/Wysing Arts Centre, UK
                 Organizing Committee, Resistances, PhD Humanities Conference, Concordia
2006        Special Events Volunteer, Artspeak, Vancouver
2005-07   Secretary, Contemporary Arts Graduate Caucus, Simon Fraser University
2005        Volunteer, Homeless Art Room, Metropolitan United Church, Toronto
2004-05Belly Dancer, Arabian Sahara Dance Company, Toronto
2004        Literacy Tutor, Frontier College, Toronto
                 Gallery Attendant, ACA Gallery, Toronto
                 Assistant to the Art Teacher, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Toronto
2003        Seasonal Volunteer, Harbourfront Centre/Power Plant Gallery, Toronto
2002        Assistant to the Director, Circa Gallery, Toron